01_UTU Forms and Applications

Application packet (non-member)
Application Packet for UTU (ble member)
DIPP Application
UTUPac form

02_Agreements_System Schedule

Common Section of Schedule_UTU (CT&Y)
Crew Consist & Amendment Agreements
Index_1990 Schedule_UTU (CT&Y)
Road section of Schedule_UTU (C&T)
Yard section of Schedule_UTU (CT&Y)


15 Day After Dismissal
3 Hour Bump Pay
30 Day Yard to Road Rule
Air Pay TSE
Annull Local 9-21-90
Auto Mark Up_Q&A
Automatic Mark Up
AWTS Modification
Borrow-out agreement_2002
Borrow-out agreement_2006
Brakeman Old Head Rule
Brandt Rail Truck
Bulletin Agreement
Conductor Promotion 6-13-03
DH Multiple Crews
Extra Board 30-10 Agreement
Fireman in Training 2005
Hostler Agreement
Local 1946 UP-SP Merger
Local Holiday Annul
Make Whole
Markup 15 Days After Vacation
Meal - Road service
MU after Discipline 15 days
Personal Auto on DH
Personal Leave
Single Seniority 6-1-74
Trainer Agreement


1964 National Agreement
1982 National Agreement
2002 National Agreement_UTU
2002_Q&A to NA_UTU
2008 National Agreement_UTU


Extend Switching Limits_KC Terminal
Hub Agreements
NLR/PB Hybrid Agreement
UTU Hub Agreements
UTU NLR/PB Hub agreement


Discipline Agreement (basic)_UTU
Discipline agreement_BLE
Discipline modification_Dismissal case_UTU
Discipline Q&A_12-5-06

09_Carrier Info

TE&Y Pay Codes


Go 569 BY-Laws


FMLA Amount Used
Getting a message to Congress
Railway Labor Act


Dog Catching Inside Switching Limits (road)
Dog Catching Inside Switching Limits (yard)
Inaccurate AVR
Old Heading
Shoving Over One Mile
Supplying Engines